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Moto Hope Mission Inc., a Minnesota-based non-profit, charitable organization, was co-founded in 2011 by Father Francis Kabiru and Sandy Baldwin. Father Francis was born in the African village of Moto, Kenya, where he saw and experienced firsthand the importance of getting a good education. Sandy Baldwin, the co-founder, has 30 years working experience in education in St. Cloud area and has travelled numerous times to Africa.

The Moto Hope Mission oversees the planning, growth and financing of St. Francis Moto Hope Academy. The Academy is open to all, regardless of religion or income, which for most families is under $2 per day.

St. Francis Moto Hope Academy is a modest 10-classroom elementary school with 30 or more children in each classroom. Unfortunately, new students are being turned away until more classrooms can be built.

Our Mission


peoples’ hidden potential by reaching out 
and empowering them through education 
and a holistic approach to live a better life.

MOTO HOPE MISSION  -  As of June 10, 2013



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Plans for Progress

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