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Moto Hope Mission Inc., a Minnesota-based non-profit, charitable organization, was co-founded in 2011 by Father Francis Kabiru and Sandy Baldwin. Father Francis was born in the African village of Moto, Kenya, where he saw and experienced firsthand the importance of getting a good education. Sandy Baldwin, the co-founder, has 30 years working experience in education in St. Cloud area and has travelled numerous times to Africa.

The Moto Hope Mission oversees the planning, growth and financing of St. Francis Moto Hope Academy. The Academy is open to all, regardless of religion or income, which for most families is under $2 per day.

St. Francis Moto Hope Academy is a modest 10-classroom elementary school with 30 or more children in each classroom. Unfortunately, new students are being turned away until more classrooms can be built.


Dear Friends of Moto Hope Mission,

We are very pleased to inform you that Moto Hope Mission is embarking on a new program that will give you the opportunity to establish a real friendship with a student at the new elementary school many of you have helped us build the past three and a half years in the Moto region of Kenya.

Can you believe that in such a short time St. Francis Academy now has an enrollment of over 375 kids, many of whom are also boarding in our new dormitory and getting three nutritious meals a day thanks to our new kitchen and multi-purpose dining hall.

Now we would like to make it possible for you to actually become a friend with one of our students through our new Befriender Program, which I will be coordinating. As a co-founder of Moto Hope Mission, I have made many trips to Kenya and have become a friend to so many of our kids. Now you can experience the joy of “reaching out” to befriend a student by getting progress reports and exchanging correspondence such as letters, photos and greeting cards.

To become a Befriender, all I ask is that you agree to contribute a minimum of $10 per month to Moto Hope Mission or $120 annually. If you can do more, that would really be great! The funds we raise through this new program will be used to underwrite our costs so all students benefit equally from your generosity. I also encourage you to share this opportunity with other family members and friends.

Please look over the enclosed Befriender brochure and then complete and return the brochure’s response form. Upon completion of payment arrangements, I will personally contact you and introduce you to the program and your new student friend. Wow, is that exciting! Imagine sending birthday and Christmas cards to your new little friend.

May God bless you for prayerfully considering becoming a Befriender. Thank you!

To Help Contact:

Sandy Baldwin
(320) 293-1236
Kathy Bergmann
(218) 547-1929

peoples’ hidden potential by reaching out 
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and a holistic approach to live a better life.

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