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Our Mission


Igniting peoples' hidden potential by reaching out and empowering them through education and a holistic approach to live a better life.


Moto Hope Mission Inc in collaboration with Moto Education Link, established in Kenya, oversees the planning, growth and financing of the Center and Academy.

The Moto Hope Center and Academy have:

  • Administration block

  • 12 classrooms

  • Hostel/Dormitory

  • Multipurpose Hall

  • Kitchen

  • Community well

Future plans:

  • Additional classrooms

  • Health clinic

  • Community library

  • Agrictultural environmental demonstration center

The Center and School Academy is non religious based, open to all, regardless of religion or income, which for most families is under $2 per day but managed with Christian Catholic fundamental principles especially of Respect for Human Dignity of Every Person.

Moto Hope  Center and school Academy is steadly changing lives and as it Reaches out and Empower many.PLEASE join Us and Let's Build the World Together!

To Help Contact:

Sandy Baldwin
(320) 293-1236
Kathy Bergmann
(218) 547-1929


If you do, you can make a donation for Moto Hope Mission every time you place an order. 
It's easy - Go to login (you need to have or create an account to do this)
Select the charity you want to support, for Moto Hope you need to search by typing Motohope Mission in the search box.

That's all there is to it.  Whenever you go to shop on Amazon, just use the smile address (above) and you'll see that you're supporting Moto Hope Mission because it's stated on a line at the top of the page.


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